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I LOVE doing photo shoots. But I didn’t always. 


In my first few promotional photo shoots, I looked like a stunned possum. I had no idea how to pose for the camera, how to put together a look or what to aim for. I was waiting for a photographer to direct me and depending on someone else to tell me how I was meant to look. I wasted so much money and so much time! What I ended up with was a whole lot of images that just didn't cut it. In some of the pictures I looked ‘nice’ - but it wasn’t representative of ‘me’ and certainly didn't speak to my music.


It took some major learning for me to rethink how I approached shoots. Now I have confidence in front of the camera, a team of trusted collaborators working with me and an ability to get great results within timeframe and budgets. 


If you need support with getting your artwork together for your next album or tour, I’d love to work with you. I can pull together a concept for you and bring a team of photographers, designers and make up and hair stylists together to create your dream look. 


Anyone who knows me, knows that, besides music, fashion is my love. I am constantly trawling designer sites, visiting vintage stores, sketching ideas and co-designing pieces with my favorite tailor and art finisher Alice Palermo.  I can help with your styling too - creating a capsule wardrobe that you can utilize across your campaign from media appearances, photo shoots and live shows. 


Get in touch for more information, I’d love to hear about your project! 

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