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the most incredible, resilient, strong, inspiring woman in our industry

Thndo, Artist


As an artist myself I completely understand how exhausting, difficult and overwhelming it can be working as an independent musician. There is SO MUCH information online - so how do you work out how to best promote your work, release your tracks and book in tours while practicing your instrument, writing songs and also paying your rent? 

If you need help or support to get the best results from your artistic practice, I offer personalized sessions tailored to your needs. I conduct sessions remotely via zoom or can meet in person, and can do a one off session or regular appointments. 


Designed for self-managed artists, I can support you to create a two-to-five year plan for your band/project. We will analyze and provide feedback on your current digital assets and release; workshop ideas with you to generate audiences; explore collaborative opportunities and advise how to manage multiple projects in order to generate income and create a sustainable work-life balance. I can also support you to establish business processes to streamline the administration side of your practice, giving you more time to spend on making music. I also provide a mediation service for bands that have hit road-blocks – I provide a calm, neutral conversation space for bands to discuss interpersonal conflicts or contradicting artistic visions or even to negotiate artist royalties  - I can help you to resolve issues that may be preventing your band from achieving your goals. 

Through my agency House of Valerie Joan, I also provide public relations services such as press release and biography writing, copy writing and asset production.

Chelsea’s achievements in the industry have been a personal source of career inspiration and her peer support has been highly valued. She is a natural leader who manages to combine highly creative thinking and musical talent with a savvy business sensibility and drive to support and advocate for others”

Jennifer Kingwell, Artist, Former Adelaide Cabaret Festival/Adelaide Fringe Festival Producer

Although there are many things I could confidently list to illustrate Chelsea’s immense talent and determination, I would say her strongest asset is the genuine support she provides to her peers and other self-managed female artists, arts workers, managers, and broadcasters in the industry. I can always count on Chelsea for advice and support when I need it the most she shows no sense of competitiveness with her peers and rather will go out of her way to help lift the women around her to achieve their goals

Amy Chapman, Label Manager Wantok Musik

Reach out to see how I can help you with:

  • Festival and Event Curation

  • Industry Consultancy

  • Artist Management and Label Services

  • Grant Writing and Funding Assessment

  • Podcast Production

  • Art Direction and Styling

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